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September 2018 Meeting Notice

AI & Metadata Enrichment -
Next Generation Content Detection and Monitoring
in Broadcast TV Distribution Networks


Wednesday September 12, 2018


6:15 PM Refreshments, 6:30 PM meeting


Rocky Mountain PBS 1089 Bannock Street, Denver, CO 80204.


AI & Metadata Enrichment - Next Generation Content Detection and Monitoring in Broadcast TV Distribution Networks


Mark Rushton, VP Sales & Solutions, Mediaproxy Pty Ltd

As artificial intelligence engines evolve, less external stimulus will be required, and supervised workflows will transition to unsupervised ones. This will allow neural networks to provide more automated mechanisms to detect similar contents in broadcast assets without having to train such systems.

In addition to improving the real-time detection of content deviations, offline detection for tracking media assets will also benefit from the current developments in that area. Tracking the lifecycle of contents from ingest to linear playout or distribution for video on-demand, OTT, catch-up TV is becoming more difficult to manage. Contents needs to be verified manually as it passes through the production pipeline, possibly resulting in the wrong contents ending up where it shouldn't. New opportunities are opening up to programmatically detect deviations to determine at what point in the chain the content has changed and alert operators to intervene and rectify the issues before contents is published. Such workflows also lend themselves to virtualization or even containerization to be able to further automate the deployment of probes in either cloud or virtual machines running on- premises.

Using both cloud and on-premises environments in conjunction with each other effectively to automate procedures for media assets and live broadcasts where applicable is key to reducing cost in modern broadcast workflows.

Speaker Bio:
Bio 2018 Along with RCA, Mark Rushton was born in Camden, NJ. At ripe age of six, he got bit by the Tv bug while attending The Gene London Show, in the WCAU- Philadelphia studios. During the Winter of '68, it became a weekly visit. With a BA in Film from Bard College, he produced for The New York Times broadcast/cable operation before crossing over to the dark side, going to work for a broadcast manufacturer, PESA Switching Systems. Working at the core infra- structure in a broadcast plant set the stage for a sales career as a product specialist with a good understand of topologies and workflows. Soon after, he put in 7-years with Triveni Digital during the analog to digital transition. (Yes, PSIP is a four-letter word, but so is the call-letter business). This was a fun job that enable me to walk into just about every Tv station group in the US and Canada with a great product doing innovative things with a smart team of good folks.

Recruited away by the draw of ATSC A-153 Mobile DTV work with Roundbox, he and Jay Adrick, Harris did their damage with the 1st generation of Mobile DTV - until Tv folks saw it didn't really work - hence ATSC 3.0. His stint with Volicon was cut short by the confusion around Verizon's AOL/Yahoo M&A, but it thrust him into broadcast world of monitoring, compliance logging and analysis.

Today, at Mediaproxy he works with commercial and public broadcasters, Tv and cable networks, and vMVPDs logging, monitoring and analyzing the distribution chain of ATSC, AM/FM and the wild west of M3U8 manifest driven streaming Tv. Mark holds a bachelor's degree in film from Bard College, an alumnus of The Lawrenceville School, and a member of SBE, SCTE, and SMPTE trade associations.

Free parking is availble in the RMPBS lot.

Tom Craig
SMPTE Rocky Mountain Section Chairman

Shane Toven, Chairman,
SBE Chapter 48


IEEE Women In Engineering September event notice:

As a new sustaining member of our organization, we are posting the Denver Women in Engineering September Event to gain a broader distribution of something that should be of interest to our members


Thursday, September 20, 2018


5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m


Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science, Room 510


Leverage your Personal and Professional Network


Jill Tietjen, Past National SWE president

The Rocky Mountain Section Society of Women Engineers, Denver IEEE Women in Engineering and the University of Denver Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science are sponsoring a special event to help other women in engineering network and engage in the engineering community by sponsoring past National SWE president, Jill Tietjen. Jill was the first woman president of the Rocky Mountain Electrical League, the trade association in the West serving the electric utility industry. Jill's books include Her Story: A Timeline of the Women Who Changed America, an introduction to engineering textbook, Keys to Engineering Success, and an ebook in the IEEE Women in Engineering series titled Recognizing and Taking Advantage of Opportunities.

A STEM champion, Jill will help you learn to leverage your personal and professional network and understand how you can both provide and receive value from your connections. Humans are wired to connect. We build families and circles of friends. We know who to call to help us solve life's problems, from making dinner to fixing the leaky faucet. Career networking wires you to succeed in the Engineering fields.

Jill will also provide a lecture on the topic of infrastructure.

Thank you to University of Denver, Ritchie School of Engineering & Computer Science for hosting! WIE announced this event early, as RSVP's are required for this event as space is limited.

RSVP via this link:

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