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Last updated: April 26,2021



SBE Chapter 48
SMPTE Rocky Mountain Section
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SMPTE Rocky Mtn and SBE-48 Managers

First off, a huge thanks to our very strong slate of candidates this year, including: Tom Craig, Jeff Grazi, Kerry Booth, Heather Mellish, Daniel Gonzales, Luc Comeau, and Daniel Hyatt. With only a few slots to fill (3) and seven candidates, voters had a tough job.

Rocky Mountain Section

    Chair for a one-year term of 1 July 2021 - 30 June 2022
    Chris Lennon, MediAnswers
    Secretary/Treasurer for a one-year term of 1 July 2021 - 30 June 2022
    Jack Wenzinger, AWS
    Managers for a two-year term of 1 July 2021 - 30 June 2023
    Tom D. Craig, Rocky Mountain Public Media;
    Kerry Booth, Levels Beyond;
    Heather Mellish, Amazon Web Services
    Existing managers, with terms expiring 30 June 2022
    Jason Dvorkin and Chuck Marino

Unfortunately, Chuck has let me know that due to other commitments, he has to resign his position. A big thanks to him for his service...we hope you can re-join the team in the future. We need to fill his position ASAP.

I'd also be remiss if I didn't thank Tom Craig for his many years as Section Chair, and his graciousness in offering to stay on "board" to help me transition into the role.

If you were a candidate and did not get elected, but would still be interested in serving, please let me know ASAP, as we will need to fill Chuck's position.

-Chris Lennon

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Here is our April 14, 2021 meeting:

Jack Roland, SBE Chapter 48 Chairman
Tom Craig, SMPTE Rocky Mountain Section Chairman


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