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Last updated: January 31, 2018


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February 2018 Meeting Notice

Updating the Colorado state EAS plan


Thursday, February 15th, 2018


6:15PM Refreshments, 6:30 PM Meeting


K-Love/Air1 (Educational Media Foundation) offices
3333 South Wadsworth Blvd, Suite 130D, Lakewood, CO


Food and Refreshments will be provided, $5 donation suggested


Updating the Colorado state EAS plan


Justin Sasso,
President & CEO of the Colorado Broadcasters Association

The Colorado Broadcasters Association is looking to update the State Plan one "local area" at a time. They are looking for input on that process, as well as areas they might be missing or not thinking of. While this is not the sole responsibility of the CBA, they have taken the lead role in this task and see the need for broadcasters to have a voice in the process since Colorado does not have a State Emergency Communications Committee handling the EAS plan as most other states do.

In addition to the EAS plan updates, the CBA launched an Engineer's Academy in 2016 that was received with a lot of excitement and solid attendance. Unfortunately, the engineer that taught the course has retired the road trip portion of his teaching and they are looking to identify some engineers that might be willing to help recruit and introduce future engineers to the industry.

Speaker Bio:
The child of a radio father and television mother, Justin Sasso started in radio at the age of 11, working for his parent's stations in Louisiana. He continued working in the broadcast industry for 25 years before taking his current position with the Colorado Broadcasters Association. Educated at the University of Colorado with a Bachelor's degree in Communications and Political Science, Justin was already serving as the Operations Manager for Salem Communication's Colorado Springs radio cluster before graduation, prior experience included KRDO-AM/FM/TV. Later, Justin took an Account Executive's position with Clear Channel/Colorado Springs, after 7 years with Salem, and in 2002 moved to Greeley to purchase and operate KFKA-AM. After serving on the CBA's Board of Directors for 6 years, Justin was presented with the opportunity to apply for the President/CEO position of the CBA and was hired in 2011. In his personal time, Justin is a private pilot who enjoys flying his wife and daughter to new destinations.

Tom Craig
SMPTE Rocky Mountain Section Chairman

Shane Toven, Chairman,
SBE Chapter 48


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