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SBE Chapter 48 and Rocky Mountain SMPTE

In 1999, Chapter 48 of the Society of Broadcast Engineers and the Rocky Mountian Section of the Society of Motion Pictures and Televison Engineers pooled their resources to become a leading provider of information and fellowship among broadcast engineers in the Metro Denver Area.

While both SBE Chapter 48 and Rocky Mountian SMPTE retain their charters with their respective national organizations, the two groups provide a single monthly newsletter. Board members from both groups work together to provide informative monthly seminars and maintain their web site, www.smpte-sbe48.org.


Chapter Officers

SBE Chapter 48

  Shane D. Toven, Telos

Vice Chairman
  Dean Phannenstiel, Colorado Public Radio

  Cris Alexander
  (303) 433-0104

Secretary / Treasurer
  Bill Harris, Citadel Broadcasting
  (505) 767-6735

Board Member
  Jim Schoedler, JB Schoedler Associates LLC
  (303) 725-9043

Rocky Mountain SMPTE

  Tom Craig, Rocky Mountain PBS
  (303) 725-9043

Secretary / Treasurer
  Jim Schoedler, JB Schoedler Associates LLC
  (303) 725-9043

Manager / Past Chair
  Jim Schoedler, JB Schoedler Associates LLC
  (303) 725-9043

  Jeff Grazi, Grazi Communications
  (303) 321-1776

  Rick Craddock, Director of Engineering, KMGH-TV - AZTECA AMERICA-COLORADO

  Dan Holden, Comcast Innovation Labs
  (303) 486-3803

  Chris Lennon, Media Answers
  (719) 445-8911

Manager / Web Master
  Tom Goldberg, Owner/Consutant, TGCS
  (303) 526-9109


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This web site was designed by and is maintained by Tom Goldberg. All feedback regarding this site, its operation, appearance and content should be sent to us via the Contact Us link.

Our newsletter is compiled each month by Bill Harris who collects information from local and national contributors. Please let us know if you have news of interest to the regional membership of this organization.