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Last updated:
January 2, 2010

Rohde & Schwarz


Greg Kregowski

Greg Kregoski

Video Test
805-375-0999 (mobile)


The R&SETL TV Analyzer from Rohde & Schwarz is universal multistandard platform for the analysis of TV signals. It combines TV test receiver and spectrum analyzer functionality in a single unit while providing high measurement accuracy. An innovative instrument concept allows new TV standards to be implemented on a software and hardware basis. Both digital (e.g. DVB-T/H) and analog TV standards can be integrated in a single instrument. The R&SETL TV Analyzer uses realtime demodulation throughout. (learn more)


The TV Analyzer R&S FSH3-TV combines the functions and features of a complete spectrum analyzer with those of a TV test receiver in a single measurement instrument. It can be taken wherever needed and is ideal for technicians who perform measurements on site for example, during new installations or maintenance and repair work on components of TV cable networks and transmitters. (learn more)


R&S DVM Family
The R&SDVM family of instruments combines the tools needed for all monitoring and analysis applications in the area of digital television signal generation and distribution. An extensive range of analysis tools is available to support the development and testing of digital television equipment such as multiplexers, encoders, modulators and associated components. (learn more)


The R&SDVSG digital video signal generator supports the development and quality assurance of latest-generation TV sets and projectors. It is a cost efficient, one-box solution that generates the audio and video signals required for these tasks. (learn more)


R&S ATSC Mobile DTV Transmitters
The R&SSCx8000 is the ultimate in efficient design. It consists of the new exciter R&SSX801 and up to two amplifiers with integrated cooling, combiner and splitter. All major TV standards, including ATSC Mobile DTV are supported with the same hardware. Innovative redundancy concepts and a minimum number of devices make the system highly reliable. Its modular design enables the system to be a stand-alone device, in existing racks and outdoor cabinets. (learn more)

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